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It's Only Fashion. And Rock'N'Roll
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    faux-fur-coatWhen it comes to FUR as a fashion trend, debates and online wars are bound to take place, if not for the looks per se, than for the controversy this subject holds. The parenthesis are meant to 1. express where I stand on this one, and 2. bring peace to an otherwise controversial topic, although let’s face it – at the end of the day it’s each to their own and the matter of real VS fake fur is a massive one, deeper than any shallow subject we discuss on a daily basis. Long gone are the days when wearing fur had to be the real shit (scarified animals & bank accounts for the sake of some posh coat that mirrored a social status rather than a fashion sense). Today we’ve got TONS of FAKEs to choose from, and when it comes to faux fur being bigger than the real thing, I think the industry deserves a kudos for it. fur-coats-2014-winter-trendIn 2013 – 2014 autumn & winter, FUR (be it faux or real) is the biggest TREND. It did start last year with a mass obsession for fur hats, and, today, alongside other huge trends like Black & Leather, it only looks like we’ve taken it up a notch, going all vampy, rich socialites. With street styles swirling with fur coats looks and retail chains’ rails packed with too many styles, designs and colors, how do we know what to pick? FUR wise: What’s hot out there? 1COATS are the shit this season, with black, white and brown being major. Animal prints can rest assured too, and so can bold colors (like those late 90s styles seen on so many pop stars): purple, red, pink, neon, printed.

    black-fur-coats-streetstyleblack-fur-coats-streetstylewhite-fur-coat-street-stylestreet-style-fur (2)street-style-bold-color-fursStyle & cut wise, mid length (around your hips) is the ever classic style, that still holds the spotlight. A new thing though is the mid length sleeve, so you can show off your blouse or sweater sleeves. Or trade them for super long gloves. mid-sleeve-fur-coat-street-styleShort (waist length) coats are still a hip thing to wear. They look pretty cool with maxi skirts or dresses and boots. Besides, they’re a play-it-safe (and cool) ticket to layering. short-fur-coatWhen it comes to long fur coats... I think they’ve yet to cross the matronly border. With Cruella written all over them, I can’t help but see them as too pretentious, loud and desperate. Who knows, maybe my forever young spirit is a few years short.  long-fur-coat-street-style (2)long-fur-coat-street-styleHow to wear fur coats? Fashion restrictions (as in heels and smart-glam outfits) have been crossed. That leaves us with plenty of options, thus satisfying absolutely any style you’re going for. Sure hot heels paired with trousers of all sorts, or posh skirts and dresses are still in. Read: outfit for work, important meeting, cocktail, dinner. What’s great though today is that anyone can wear a faux fur coat and pull it off big time, whether in skinny jeans and ankle boots, or in leather leggings, sweater and some grungy motorcycle boots. Not feeling the heels in cold season? (too much of a fuss be it even chunky). Opt for flat boots, wedges or even sneakers.

    The secret to looking great in your fur coat, whatever you’ll be wearing lies in the coat itself. It’s a statement & more glamorous piece, so wearing it with a similar array of clothes and accessories will only emphasize such a put-together style. Doing the opposite will give more edge and sophistication, turning a somewhat classic look into a more trendy one. 

    Some street style inspiration… black-fur-lookcoat-look-street-stylecolored-fur-coatscolored-fur-trend-street-stylefaux-fur-coatsfaux-fur-coat-street-stylefaux-fur-coat-stylefaux-fur-trendfur-coat-street=stylefur-coat-trendfur-looks-2014fur-trendfur-trend-2013-2014how-to-wear-fur-coatspattern-fur-coat-street-styleshort-coat-street-styleshort-coats-trendshort-faux-fur-coatsshort-fur-coats-looksstreet-style-furstreet-style-fur-coatstreet-style-fur-coatsWith 2 possible fakes (FUR & LEATHER) and one real thing (BLACK) going massive on trends this season, I’m wondering… is fashion (not so) subtly telling us to bring out our bombshell persona?

    Filed under: Street Style, Trends Tagged: 2013 autumn trends, 2014 fashion trends, 2014 fur coats, 2014 winter fur coats, fake fur coats trends, fashion, faux fur, faux fur coats, fur coat, fur coat styles, fur coats 2013 autumn, fur trend, how to wear fur coats, street style

    3thefashiontagfaux-fur-coatfur-coats-2014-winter-trend1black-fur-coats-streetstyleblack-fur-coats-streetstylewhite-fur-coat-street-stylestreet-style-fur (2)street-style-bold-color-fursmid-sleeve-fur-coat-street-styleshort-fur-coatlong-fur-coat-street-style (2)long-fur-coat-street-styleblack-fur-lookcoat-look-street-stylecolored-fur-coatscolored-fur-trend-street-stylefaux-fur-coatsfaux-fur-coat-street-stylefaux-fur-coat-stylefaux-fur-trendfur-coat-street=stylefur-coat-trendfur-looks-2014fur-trendfur-trend-2013-2014how-to-wear-fur-coatspattern-fur-coat-street-styleshort-coat-street-styleshort-coats-trendshort-faux-fur-coatsshort-fur-coats-looksstreet-style-furstreet-style-fur-coatstreet-style-fur-coats3thefashiontagfaux-fur-coatfur-coats-2014-winter-trend1black-fur-coats-streetstyleblack-fur-coats-streetstylewhite-fur-coat-street-stylestreet-style-fur (2)street-style-bold-color-fursmid-sleeve-fur-coat-street-styleshort-fur-coatlong-fur-coat-street-style (2)long-fur-coat-street-styleblack-fur-lookcoat-look-street-stylecolored-fur-coatscolored-fur-trend-street-stylefaux-fur-coatsfaux-fur-coat-street-stylefaux-fur-coat-stylefaux-fur-trendfur-coat-street=stylefur-coat-trendfur-looks-2014fur-trendfur-trend-2013-2014how-to-wear-fur-coatspattern-fur-coat-street-styleshort-coat-street-styleshort-coats-trendshort-faux-fur-coatsshort-fur-coats-looksstreet-style-furstreet-style-fur-coatstreet-style-fur-coats

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  • 11/05/14--00:29: Sweet November Style
  • SAMSUNG CSCWhen it comes to having a sweet sartorial November you basically need two things: a warm autumn sun (checked) and your massive fashion obsession that moment (checked). Being quite a predictable gal, the latter is not that hard to guess in my case. Er… FAUX FUR!

    So here I am, again, standing in front of you all with my new style crush, which again involves the aforementioned 2014-2015 trend: this Two Tone Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from CHOIES. They’ve been so kind to gift me with it and with the fabulous Black Crochet Lace Short Sleeve Mesh T-shirt, which I’m practically in love with. It’s so retro yet trendy, slightly mysterious, but chic that I can’t resist it. It’s got a bit of that Dolce & Gabbana vibe to it, and I confess I’ve already worn it twice: on Halloween + on Monday’s photoshoot. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCWhy everyone needs a faux fur this autumn? Because they’re the easiest style statement ever, and they’re perfect for this crispy sunny weather, when a blazer is too thin and a winter coat too thick. Besides, they go with anything.

    My shaggy faux fur is definitely a statement, so I chose to wear it with my skinny jeans, the crochet top, and my ankle boots. It also looks fabulous with dresses and high boots, or an all-black outfit. Quality wise it’s great, very light, versatile, it’s got hidden buttons for when it gets chilly. Just make sure you choose your size wisely. While mine is an M, and fits great on my body, I wish I got an L for longer sleeves. But then again, midi sleeves are quite on trend so… I’ll live.

    Yes it’s a statement coat, or as my photographer said, quite a bird like attire (what does he know anyway?), but it’s fun. It looks cool and according to the world wide web every blogger is jumping on this birdie style wagon, with this coat per se, and with the feathers trend I was telling you about. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCBeing a fun girl myself I did go all the way on my last week’s feathers mood, and took the lyrics of Nelly Furtado’s ‘I’m like a bird’ song quite literally when – at my photographer plea – I posed like a bird. That, and I also dipped my feet into the freezing river. In November. Cause why the hell not? If you make it a day on the bridge, under the bridge, on the pier, by the river – go all the way. Have fun with fashion and shooting for blog posts.

    Another thing I love about this coat is its two tone color and the shaggy style of the white part, which does make it all look like it’s feathery, especially when it’s windy. LOVE it. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCUnderneath it I rocked the simple and quite sheer crochet lace top, which is, I think one of the most retro-trendy-versatile pieces I own. It goes with anything from a polished pencil skirt, a midi full skirt (for that D&G look I was telling you about), to jeans of all sorts. Yes it may seem racy being so sheer, but truth is, it looks fabulous, and if you want to cover up more you always have the bustier choice underneath. For an evening out this is the top to go for.

    Quality wise I love how delicate it feels, a bit crispy, it’s long enough to be tucked it and not leave a bare midriff, it’s got a great cut: it’s fitted yet slightly loose. It’s perfect. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCFor more absolutely top notch fashionable clothes check out CHOIES shop.

    Seriously it’s a heaven for us fashion lovers. They have it all: ALL the clothes you can possibly imagine, all the styles, all the looks, with tons of discounts and great offers. Great shipping. Super affordable. Thousands of looks and clothes to choose from.

    More pics… SAMSUNG CSC

    SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCGet the look here: Shaggy Faux Fur | Black Crochet T-shirt | CHOIES shop here.

    Thank you for the photos Alex! Follow him on Instagram here @dfbtv

    Filed under: Looks, Reviews Tagged: 2015 faux fur trend, black crochet top street style, black lace style, blogger style, Choies, choies clothes, choies fashion, Choies shopping, crochet lace t-shirt, crochet lace top look, crochet top, crochet top Choies, fashion, faux fur, faux fur Choies, faux fur coats, faux fur look, faux fur style, faux fur trend 2014 autumn, lace crochet sheer top, lace t-shirt, Lace top, shaggy faux fur coat, two tone shaggy faux fur coat


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    The ONLY good thing about the cold weather is the variety of clothes you can wear. The layering you can play with. The coziness of all the sweaters, the bundling up with all the scarves and gloves and hats and what not. One thing everyone in winter is wearing, whether for style reasons or just cause we’re human and we’re cold is THE COAT.   Ah… personally I spend hours online shopping for great coat styles, making wishlists over wishlists on websites I’m in love with, like CHOIES for example, and I confess I’m down with almost any coat style.… >> Read more

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    Once upon a time (faux) fur coats were quite a niche look: either super rich socialite, OR granny chic style you know. So if you secretly loved fur coats but were neither a grandma nor a rich socialite, and instead had a 9-5 job, a tube ride to work every day, and just a strong…